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Dinosaur 13 (T. D. Miller, 2014)
Did you watch the "documovie" Dinosaur 13? What do you think of it? Was it slanted to an unacceptable level? What is the part of the truth that is not portrayed in the movie? Why were interviewed just two (or one?) witnesses on the part of the federal government in all the movie? What was really wrong with the activity of the BHI? 

Is a documentary that should be watched. It raises important questions about field paleontology and the behavior of the federal government. 

Some people say that this doc is too slanted and does not take into account a lot of what happened and that could change the perception of the viewer about the whole story. I do not now. I just bought the book yesterday and I am about to read it. I want to know more.

What do you think?
"Hammond, after some consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park." 

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