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Disney Films - Dr. Wu - 06-14-2016

What's your favorites and if your excited for a new film, which one?
Live action and Pixar films can be included.
Here's my top five favorites
1. The Lion King
2. Zootopia
3. Toy Story 3
4. Star Wars: The Force Awakins
5. The Incredibles
Here's my most anticipated upcoming Disney films
1. The Incredilbles 2
2. Star Wars Episode 8
3. Finding Dory
4. Toy Story 4
5. Star Wars: Episode 9

RE: Disney Films - Raptor Blue - 06-20-2016

The Lion King is my favorite animated Disney movie followed by Aladdin. My favorite live action ones are Pirates of the Caribbean and The Avengers (followed very closely by Civil War). My most anticipated one is Spider-Man: Homecoming. I'm also pretty excited for Rogue One. I just hope Darth Vader is in it..

RE: Disney Films - Anonymous - 07-17-2016

I saw Finding Dory with my GF this month. It was cute and fun. Although IMO it did not come close to the original Finding Nemo, but was still a fun ride.

I am really looking forward to Toy Story 4 and on the live action side, of course Rougue One and Epsidoe 8!

RE: Disney Films - Jack - 07-17-2016

Curious to see Finding Dory. Other than Toy Story, Pixar don't have the best track record for sequels.

RE: Disney Films - Davidsmith150 - 09-21-2016

The Lion King is my favorite movie.

RE: Disney Films - Tyrantosaurus - 09-21-2016

I feel as if Rogue One might be the new Empire Strikes Back of the Star Wars stories movies.

RE: Disney Films - ornarayne - 12-17-2016

I love all the episodes of star wars, but the 9th part is awesome.

RE: Disney Films - Neelis - 12-21-2016

My favorites are:

- Beauty and the Beast
- Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory
- Moana/ Vaiana
- The Little Mermaid

I'm most looking forward to the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. The Cinderella remake was wonderful, I hope Beauty and the Beast will reach the same highs. (Though I'm not sold on the design of the beast yet - the downside of the animated version looking flawless.)

RE: Disney Films - AshleySewell - 05-12-2017

The Lion King and Starts Wars are my favorite movies that I had always watched again and again.

RE: Disney Films - RichardLevine - 05-16-2017

10. The Fox And The Hound
9. The Princess And The Frog
8. Tangled
7. Wreck-It Ralph
6. Aladdin
5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
4. Moana
3. Treasure Planet
2. Fantastia
1. Zootopia